The Wedge

For years, the food service industry has been loving Patty’s Wedge. Since they were created, Patty’s Pizza Wedges have been in constant demand by chefs across America. Hotels, clubs, parties…you name it: the Wedge goes from banquet halls to room service to poolside. The ever-popular Wedge, available in Pepperoni, Cheese, Buffalo Chicken, BBQ Chicken, and Pesto Chicken flavors, has seen a steady increase in demand driven by today’s mobile consumers who desire innovative food products that don’t need complicated preparation or require a lot of cleanup. Patty’s unique twist on traditional pizza wraps up delicious fillings in a convenient, portable package made perfect for lunch, dinner, or snacks.

Chefs in the foodservice industry particularly love Patty’s Wedges because they hold up perfectly in steam trays without ever becoming soggy or dried out, and because they’re made with the highest quality ingredients and Patty’s famous classic dough recipe.

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