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The Wedge

For years, the food service industry has been loving Patty’s Wedge. Since they were created, Patty’s Pizza Wedges have been in constant demand by chefs across America. Hotels, clubs, parties…you name it: the Wedge goes from banquet halls to room service to poolside.

Social Media Pizza


Patty’s has always been a trendsetter…a leader in the restaurant industry…a fearless innovator and risk- taker who knows no bounds. We cater exclusively now to the food service industry with special regard to private label chefs, specialty food service distributors, hotels, cruise lines, even school lunch programs. We’ve built a hugely successful company and brand […]

Baked Pizza

From Outlet to Oven!

The Factory Outlet is now open. Save up to 50% on your favorites. Come in Mon-Fri from 9-5 for fresh-from-the-factory take and bake Patty’s Pizzas. Click here now!