Ronald McDonald House Pizza Party

Patty Phillips of Patty's Pizza at the Ronald McDonald HouseSince 1980, the Southern California Ronald McDonald Houses have served as an inexpensive, and often free, “home–away–from–home” by keeping families close to their critically–ill children and the nearby hospitals and medical facilities they need.

Ronald McDonald House Patty's Pizza Party

Each year Patty’s Pizza hosts a pizza party for the children at the Ronald McDonald House, located in downtown Los Angeles. It is always an amazing experience to see the resilience of the families and especially the children. It brings tears and heartache to think about what these loving families are going through. The joy we get when we teach them how to make their own pizza, bake it and to see them laugh while playing with the dough, truly brings joy to my heart every time! A good time is had by all…. including the parents!