About Our Products

  • Patty's Gourmet Four Cheese Pizzas

    Patty’s Gourmet Four Cheese Pizzas

  • Patty's Award Winning Dough Balls

    Patty’s Award Winning Dough Balls

  • Patty’s Wedge

  • Patty's Par Baked Pizza Crusts

    Patty’s Par-Baked Pizza Crusts

  • Patty's Gluten Free Pizza Crusts plus Flat Breads and Ravioli

    Patty’s Gluten Free Pizza Crusts, Flat Breads and Ravioli

  • Patty's Gourmet Flat Breads

    Patty’s Gourmet Flat Breads

  • Patty's Focaccia Bread

    Patty’s Focaccia Bread

  • Patty's Raw Sheeted Pizza Dough

    Patty’s Raw Sheeted Pizza Dough

Patty’s Pizza produces a full line of gourmet quality, excellent tasting pizza products. Individually handcrafted and committed to using only the finest all natural ingredients, Patty’s Award Winning Pizza has a unique artisan appearance and distinct flavor that has won the loyalty and trust of our customers for over 30 years. By utilizing a slow proof process Patty’s Par Baked Pizza crusts are sure to save you time and labor by offering freezer to oven ease.

Patty’s Pizza Inc. strives to exceed our clients’ highest expectations, meeting the strict standards of our customers who demand the very best. We pride ourselves on our dedication to quality and to providing outstanding customer service!

Patty’s Pizza specializes in providing the most delicious par-baked crusts being offered to the food service industry. It is our dedication to the executive chefs’ creative requirements and unique needs, which has secured Patty’s success and product loyalty. Chefs from some of the finest hotels and resorts worldwide rave about the superior quality and convenience of our signature gourmet crusts and products.

With pride, Patty invites you to taste and enjoy any of our delicious creations!

Please contact our knowledgeable staff for nutritional information, case pack and samples of our products.

Shipping and Distribution

To ensure the highest level of product freshness, we work with only the most reliable temperature controlled transportation companies. In addition to working with distributors and carriers, direct pick-up can be scheduled from our plant.