Top 10 Reasons to use Patty’s

  1. Patty’s Pizza has won several taste awards vs. national brands for exceptional taste and quality.
  2. Our par baked crusts, gourmet flat breads, dough balls, raw sheeted dough are ready to bake in just minutes.
  3. Patty’s par baked crusts are versatile, easy to use and offered in a variety of flavors and thicknesses. Can also be utilized for bread baskets, sandwiches and more.
  4. Made in small batches, all natural, American sourced, preservative free, with all whole ingredients.
  5. Using Patty’s Gourmet hand stretched pizzas and flat breads will help reduce labor cost while ensuring quality and consistency.
  6. Patty’s Pizza proudly manufactures all products locally in the USA!
  7. So good, customers will think you made it yourself. They may even ask you for the recipe.
  8. No need to buy expensive machinery to make your own dough.
  9. Quick response to any needs and fast turnaround time
  10. Our sales team is focused on a single product line. We are extensively trained to assess your pizza needs and to provide customized solutions for your business.