Generous girlfriends

Generous Girlfriends

Raffi Dermenjian, Barbara Carey (our last honoree), Sue Sundher, Debbie Barlow, Patty Phillips, Ani Dermenjian, Kim & Michael Bonewitz and Justine Petretti
Beauty Collection, located in Malibu CA has also been a constant sponsor and supporter of G4G since inception.

Girlfriends4Girlfriends (G4G) hosted a surprise celebration brunch for “Mother of the Year” Kimberly Bonewitz on Friday. Guests gathered at the home of real estate agent Ani Dermenjian. Bonewitz was a clear choice as G4G’s Mother of the Year after she, husband Michael and their three children, took in five children whose mother, Marie Jordanou, passed away from cancer.

Malibu Times
May 29, 2014

Bonewitz got to know the late Jordanou through the Juan Cabrillo PTA. Once she realized Jordanou had terminal cancer, she began to visit her friend daily at the hospital. It was there that Jordanou asked Bonewitz the life changing question, “Will you take my five children?” Bonewitz responded, “Of course.” The family of five grew to a family of 10 and  now faces many daily challenges.

G4G stepped forward to honor and celebrate Kim Bonewitz as “Mother of the Year” and draw attention to the growing needs of her family. The organization was founded by Patty Phillips dedicated to honor and help women in the community with a variety of needs and life obstacles. Phillips said she founded the organization to raise awareness and be the voice for those in need, understanding it’s difficult to ask for help.

Donations poured in from businesses throughout the Malibu community and beyond, including Duke’s and Marmalade, along with grocery bags filled with goods.