Patty’s trip to Nicaragua for Compassion International

Patty's Pizza Team on their trip to Nicaragua for Compassion International

Compassion International is a child-advocacy outreach group working to help children in some of the most poverty-stricken areas of the world. In October, eleven of us (9 women and 2 men) arrived in Nicaragua on behalf of Compassion International, excited and nervous to meet our sponsored children and to help wherever we could. It’s all about the children!

During the week we played games with the kids, learned about their health, education and overall well-being. We laid cement floors and painted classrooms, all in 90-degree weather with hi-humidity. The children shared with us just how much it means to receive letters from their sponsors — it is truly their lifeline to the outside world.

We visited homes in Guadalupe, Leon, Nicaragua where the moms were so welcoming. It was hard for us to fathom the poverty and conditions that they endure, especially with heavy tropical rains. During our home visits, we brought bags of food and home goods to help with their needs.

We also visited two housing projects, one of which included over 500 children, all living in extreme poverty. We were so impressed with Compassion International and all that they do on a daily basis to make the lives of these children better. The poverty and heat are crushing, yet hope and love remain. The work of Compassion International is amazing and truly lifts these children out of poverty.

Pattys Pizza Team with the sponsored kids from Compassion International

Our last night in Nicaragua was spent with Compassion graduates, one is studying to be an attorney and the other is studying to be a doctor… So impressed again with the work Compassion does!