Patty’s Pizza Team

James Sarantinos


Vice President

Hi. I’ve been with Patty’s Pizza since 1994. Over the years I’ve seen Patty’s grow from a small boutique supplier of pizza crust to a major competitive force within the industry of pizza and related products. Currently, I direct daily operations working closely with our production team to continually supply the hospitality industry with some of the best pizza products available in the market place today.

Favorite thing about my job:
I get to work with a group of positive people all day long!

Nickname: James, Jim, Pizza guy

Funniest moment at Patty’s Pizza:
Recalling Patty delivering her first dough sample for a potential Marriott account, the chef asked her if she had just made it, Pattys asked “how do you know” and the chef said because she was covered in flour. They both had a good laugh and it became our first Marriott wholesale account.

Goals for the years to come: Continual growth

Bridget Baskin


Director of Sales and Culinary Innovation

What do I want to be when I grow up??? That is always the question, right? One day I realized that “I love food and everybody needs to eat” I will be a chef, and always have a job!

With that, the very next day I enrolled into culinary school, spent 12 years working in restaurants and 21 years ago, I met Patty and joined her team.

My job takes me to new places, introduces me to wonderful people and allows me to follow my passion of food, every single day.

When did you start working at Patty’s?: 2001

Favorite thing about my job:
I love working with people and educating them how to serve the best possible pizza

Nickname: I never had one til I started here. I now go by Patty.

Funniest moment at Patty’s Pizza:
It was both funny and scary. We were leaving a food show several years ago, carrying large containers down an escalator, when we saw there was a huge back up at the bottom and people were stuck. I thought for sure we would end up in a pile with our containers over the people at the bottom. Luckily, it cleared as soon as we got down. I think we screamed a bit too. Once it was over it was funny.

Goals for the years to come:
Meeting more people and showing them the best pizza available to the food service industry.

Kelsie Munnings Office Manager


Office Manager

I am happy to be welcomed as the newest member of the Patty’s Pizza family as the new Office Manager at Patty’s Presto Pizza! I knew I enjoyed eating pizza, but I am also intrigued as I get to learn more about the world of pizza. I believe that listening and being of service are both important to understanding a customer’s wants and needs. From start to finish, I know that our pizza products are an essential part of the customary adage – great company and great food. As a foodie at heart, I am not only determined to extend the same connection and value Patty’s Pizza has with our customers, but also to the person who benefits the most from our connection- the diner. It pleases me to think about the experience each person has when they come in contact with Patty’s Pizza and our award winning products! It is my goal to uphold our 30+ years of exemplary customer service as we continue to toss and sauce our infamous and mouth-watering pizza products!
When did you start working at Patty’s?: 2022

Favorite thing about my job:
Getting to work with such a knowledgeable and positive team. We work well with each other and can rely on each other’s strengths in any circumstance.

Nickname: Sometimes, I’m Kels, Patty, or Bridget depending on the day.

Funniest moment at Patty’s Pizza:
During a work lunch at a snazzy hotel restaurant, we invented a new version of musical chairs as we moved tables 4x trying to find the perfect dining experience: the best view with moderate sun exposure, and the right temperature. It’s all about getting the right ambiance.

Goals for the years to come:
To uphold our reputable customer service while adding more of Patty’s Pizza on the plates worldwide.


Diego, Simon and Maribel has been working together in supervisory positions overseeing many aspects of operations including production, inventory & quality control and dough management. Their combined 43 years of experience is what has helped make Patty’s Pizza the success it is today.

Simon Ortiz


When did you start working at Patty’s?: 1996

Favorite thing about my job:
When I set a goal to finish an order and actually meet the deadline, I feel proud

Nickname: Simee, Toro

Funniest moment at Patty’s Pizza:
When I was at a fiesta the night before, I got confused with the days and showed up to work on a Sunday, clocked in, started working and realized nobody else was at work.

Goals for the years to come:
Continue working with Patty, James and everybody at Patty’s Pizza.

Maribel Murillo


When did you start working at Patty’s?: 2002

Favorite thing about my job:
I enjoy working with my team! Also, love the confidence that the company entrusts in me.

Nickname: Maruca

Funniest moment at Patty’s Pizza:
Since Patty’s feel like a second home to me, I did a family photo shoot here with myself and my daughters.

Goals for the years to come:
Help the company grow!

Driver Julio Orellena



When did you start working at Patty’s?: 2013

Favorite thing about my job:
I enjoy getting to meet our customers and helping them with their deliveries. I’m happy that my job is an important part of Patty’s Pizza.

Nickname: Julio.

Funniest moment at Patty’s Pizza:
We had a company party at the park a few years ago. I ate so much food that I could not move for the rest of day. The food and drinks were so good that I could not help myself.

Goals for the years to come:
Continue to put smiles on the faces of all the clients I get to meet. I enjoy delivering our products and talking to them.