Patty Phillips

Patty PhillipsPatty Phillips, Founder / President of Patty’s Pizza

Thrill seeker and adventurer, Patty Phillips once imagined life among the Polo ponies. While success eventually came, success did not involve the ponies.

After losing her mother to cancer at the young age of 16, Patty ventured to Europe in the hopes of starting a new life. It was after returning to the States, a brief stint in advertising and a turn in real estate, that Patty soon combined her passion of business and service to create an entrepreneurial legacy among the competitive pizza industry.

Inspired by her travels and culinary experiences, she stumbled upon a unique concept in the pizza world: the “Take and Bake Pizza.” Here was the catalyst for her entrepreneurial spirit: take the “Take and Bake” and take it to a whole new gourmet level!

Committed to success, Patty emptied her savings and plunged into the world of pizza, opening the first Patty’s Take and Bake Pizza in Beverly Hills in 1988. After much hard work and dedication, Patty was nominated for the U.S. Small Business Administration Person of the Year.

Industry Kudos for Patty Phillips

Over the years and through trial and error, Patty studiously refined her recipes leading to industry awards and an expansion into multiple retail locations

Wholesale Hospitality Industry

Soon prominent hotel chefs took notice of her distinctive, hand-stretched artisan pizza crusts which led to expanded facilities accommodating the wholesale industry. Working rigorously with top executive chefs, Patty then developed a par-baked pizza crust that could be frozen, topped and used in a wide range of hospitality venues coast-to-coast. Today you can find Patty’s Pizza in numerous hotels, casinos and restaurants across the country.