About Patty’s Gourmet Pizza

“Patty’s is founded upon relationships…our employees are our most valued asset. We believe every employee makes a meaningful contribution to the success of our company.” – Patricia Phillips, founder and President of Patty’s Pizza

Patty's Pizza Team

Winning multiple industry awards, Patty’s Pizza is known for its exceptional flavor and consistent quality. Earning critical acclaim, Patty’s has been featured in numerous media articles penned by some of California’s toughest restaurant critics.

With our innovative dough formulations, Patty’s produces a full line of gourmet Pizza products. Individually handcrafted, with exceptional taste, Patty’s award-winning pizzas have a unique artists appearance. Patty’s is free of coloring, flavoring, additives and preservatives.

Our goal is to continually innovate and meet the demands of our customers. We strive to create solutions that work.

Patty's Pizza Headquarters

Patty, along with her team of pizza experts are passionate in their dedication to an industry which demands the very best.

With the help of loyal clientele and a committed staff, Patty’s Pizza continues to thrive and grow!